Extreme MovesTM , Teacher Training & Technique

What is Extreme MovesTM?

Extreme MovesTM    

  • expands the physical capabilities of a person using a combination of physics and architecture to strengthen one's body and mind.
  • provides an increase in physical strength, allowing one to move more efficiently through space.
  • teaches the connections between physical strength and the physics of the body, allowing one to move more effectively.

Extreme MovesTM has many applications besides dance, including yoga, extreme sports, fitness training, athletic performance. 

What to expect
work on core strength, balance, upper and lower body strength, and alignment.
work with props such as large balls, elastic bands, mats, and the wall.
classes taught as privates (or solo sessions) or groups
a challenging and fun workout!

Li Chiao-Ping developed the Extreme MovesTM Training Method for dancers/athletes to deconstruct traditional dance vocabulary and challenge notions of what the body is capable of performing. This work demystifies some of the  "strength" or "power" movements often thought of as "masculine" or often performed by male dancers. This training method democratizes the dancing arena, creating a somewhat more even playing field. The Extreme MovesTM Training Method assists dancers to safely and successfully decipher and perform athletically-demanding moves. The regimen of strength-building exercises, balance exercises and techniques helps dancers develop their movement vocabulary to include such "extreme moves" as rotational movements, upside down movements, gyroscopic movements and the use of other surfaces of the body (besides the bottoms of the feet) for balance, taking weight and locomotion. The Extreme MovesTM Training Method is an extended physical technique, expanding on the possibilities of the body as an expressive instrument.

Ready to give Extreme MovesTM a try? Sign up this summer at UW-Madison.

For more experienced Extreme Movers, Li Chiao-Ping taught the first EM Teacher Training course, which ran in 2014.
Look for upcoming workshops!

Congratulations to our first class of certified teachers! Looking for an Extreme MovesTM teacher? Contact  Carissa Holmes or Hannah Wolf in the Chicago area! You can also study with EMTM teachers Megan Thompson in the Norfolk, VA area and Kate Hewson in the Madison, WI area for Extreme Moves training.


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